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Who We Are

NUKG Business Solutions, LLC, is an NJ, the USA based Company. And the best in class, Employee Benefits Administration & Benefits Data Management Services Provider.

We are a One-Stop-Shop for support on Employee Benefits Administration, and it’s Data Management Service. We focus on the accomplishment of services – accurately, on time and every time – while you can focus on expanding your services and business.

Partners leveraged our capabilities to scale their business to double the number of clients, at a fraction of what it would cost, if growth was by internal expansion. Our Process is Versatile & Our Platform is User Friendly.

We at NUKG believe we can provide the most efficiency by performing all benefits administration and benefits data administrative services. However, we are also willing to overlap our services with existing systems currently used by TPAs or Client/s.

We work off an Employee Benefits Administration Platform that provides employees with a web interface built on a robust system to facilitate Benefits Setup, Open Enrollment, Life Event Management, and On-going Data Management.

At the end of the day, we partner with clients in a way that ensures continuous, seamless service delivery, while also driving Quality & Productivity.

Join hands with us to get flawless employee benefits administration services and to get your task done effectively at the right time.

Our Employee Benefits Administration - Capabilities

Annual Recurrence

  • Benefits Documentation
  • Benefits Configuration
  • Open Enrollment Event Mgmt

On-Going Reports

  • Monthly Self Bill Reports Coverage Reports
  • Date Reconciliation
  • Custom Reports

On-Going Operations

  • Life Event Processing Life Event Data Mgmt
  • Employee Data Files MgmtPayroll Files Mgmt
  • Cobra Files MgmtCarrier Files Mgmt Incl. FSA/HSA

Our Employee Benefits Administration Process

Our teams have the subject matter expertise as well as the technical / technology skills required for efficient benefits administration and benefits data Management.

Our Employee Benefits Administration Platform

We work off a benefits platform that provides employees a web interface built on a very robust system, to facilitate benefits setup, benefits open enrollment, life event management and on-going data management.

Streamline Benefits Administration Process

Enhance transparency for evolving compliance

Inhouse Expertise

Custom Reports

Project Planning & Implementation




Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a service given to a Medi-claim policy holder by providing a cash less facility for all hospitalizations that come under his/her Medi-claim policy scope.

1. Full support assistance to all policy holders through a toll-free number of ours.
2. Online assistance during hospitalization and filing of claim documents.
3. Cash Less service facilitation at network hospitals up to limit authorized by Medi-claim / Hospitalization Insurance.
4. Claims Processing and Reimbursement for non-network hospitals.
5. Other services as defined by your Employer / Insurer.

This means you can walk into any network hospitals across the country and get treated without paying for your bills first and then claiming from the company. If you do not get admitted to a networked hospital, your expenses will be reimbursed on receipt of complete documents.

The claim will be reimbursed after receipt of complete documentation from the client.

Medi-claim policies have a waiting period of 30 days. Only accidents, if occurred during the first 30 days of the policy, are covered. Any other disease is not payable.

Yes, it is possible to shift to another hospital for reasons for the requirement of better medical procedures. However, the TPA will evaluate this on the merits of the case and as per policy terms and conditions.